Certified and uncertified translations from English, Italian and Spanish into Croatian and vice versa. We also offer multilingual combinations: English-German, German-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English
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Wide range of translation services

We offer translation services for a wide range of content internationally and in all forms; from marketing translations, web globalization and certified translations to translations of technical and legal documentation and business materials. Transcription, proofreading and consulting services at minimal cost and in limited time – your message to target users in all world languages.


Our team of  court interpreters with experience from multidisciplinary business sectors works together on a daily basis to provide professional certified translation into various world languages ​​for individual clients and companies from a variety of industries. Are you planning to study abroad or expand your business to international markets? Contact us with confidence!

Who is the court interpreter

Court interpreters appointed by the County or Commercial Court perform written and oral translations for the needs of natural and legal persons. Interpreters are responsible for the validity of your documents and ensure the international recognition of specific documents. By their signature and seal, they confirm that the translation written in the target language is identical to the original, and therefore has probative value. 

Certified translations are made in accordance with the Ordinance on permanent court interpreters, issued by the Ministry of Justice (Official Gazette No. 88/08). Whether you need a certified translation of personal or business documentation, resume or contract, our court interpreters are at your disposal. Have all your official and legal work certified by the legislature. Order a translation by court interpreters.

Court interpreter for English – certified translations

Certain bilingual documents do not need to be translated. If you are not sure whether you need a certified translation of the document, it is best to contact the ministry or embassy of the country where you intend to use the document. Also, specific documents for the exercise of rights and use in international traffic, in addition to certification, require certification or legalization. Read more about the procedure of updating documents on our website.

In accordance with the EU Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of free movement of citizens, from 16 February 2019 certain public documents and their certified copies are exempted from legalization and formalities regarding the Apostille stamp. For more information on the availability of multilingual forms and access to the list of documents that are not subject to legalization, visit or select a country on our website.



birth certificates


signed contracts *


birth certificates

driving licenses and passports *

court judgments

training certificates

wedding leaves

certificates of impunity

equalization certificates

death certificates

Payroll lists

other documents related to education and training

professional translations of tender documentation

Uncertified translations into English

For documents that require subsequent corrections, filling in or signing, only an uncertified translation is performed ( verification is possible only after all changes have been made ). It is forbidden to change the translations after the certification, since the interpreter confirms the identity of the translation with the original.

Uncertified translation generally refers to the translation of informal communication, such as emails, messages, instructions, literary content, art translations, promotional materials, and web content.


In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, we include seo optimization of all types of websites and applications in English. SEO optimization allows you to select in each language exactly those keywords that your foreign clients use when searching for information. Source speakers and certified interpreters will conduct market analysis, competition analysis, scan popular social networks and create additional sentences that will include selected keywords. phrases.

Send an inquiry to or contact us at +385 91 1525 108.

The Inovatus translation agency team consists of experts with many years of experience from multidisciplinary business sectors who provide daily professional translations for individual clients and companies from various industries, such as the legal, financial, construction, medical and food sectors. Our global team of linguists and certified court interpreters work tirelessly to we would supply you with top-quality translation of documents in accordance with the strictest quality standards. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, by agreement with the client, we are able to translate more than 10 cards a day. The price of a text translation usually depends on several factors, such as: the amount of text (number of author’s cards), the source and target language, the type of text (general / professional / certified by a court interpreter), specialization of the area to which the text belongs, delivery time, format, etc. At the request of the client, graphic processing of technical drawings and specifications is possible. Translations are delivered in a format that most closely resembles the original document.

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In order to simplify the submission of documents within a limited time, we send the translation in digital form, and you can pick up the original binding in person at our office. Delivery is free in the Republic of Croatia.