If your business is expanding into the international market, and you need advice and information on what SEO optimization of a website in a foreign language involves, you are in the right place. Read more about the promotional and sales benefits provided by SEO optimization in foreign languages .

SEO website optimization in a foreign language

You need SEO optimization of a website in a foreign language if you notice that your traffic to the site is coming from the audience. Then it is necessary to generate as many additional foreign reviews as possible on your own initiative. You can easily check this with the help of Google Analytics. If you really have an audience from other countries that doesn’t speak your language, it’s time to start planning a multinational content strategy.

Of course, your audience uses Google Translate to understand the content of the page. It would be much more efficient and effective, however, to create a multilingual website . This will make the translation process easier for your visitors and provide a more enjoyable experience for users. It is very important for providers of tourist and recreational services, catering facilities, manufacturers and distributors and web shops that the customer clearly understands all the characteristics of the product he orders. This way you will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, cancellations, refunds and ultimately, negative reviews.

What should be considered when optimizing a website in a foreign language and localizing the web?

Also, you need to be aware that English is the third spoken language in the world, after Chinese and Spanish. Before you start optimizing, you need to research your audience’s search habits. Search habits, but also internet usage habits, certainly differ from your nation state. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you engage in social media analysis. Your task is to determine the preferred type of content consumed by your potential customers, the way in which promotional content is formulated in their native language and determine whether there is content that you can add in another language that is proven to be interesting to the target foreign audience. If you are engaged in international trade, it is sometimes advisable to change the domain name to make it easier for users from other language areas to understand your brand name.

The same rule applies to e-commerce business owners and online stores when optimizing translated content . It is necessary to specify a customized way and order of product display when optimizing websites in a foreign language, which can vary greatly depending on the search habits of foreign consumers. For example, there is a significant difference in the characteristics, design and functions of a website and content that is attractive to Croatians compared to Chinese customers. It’s possible that a particular audience will require highlighting fonts, more photos, or simply a different wording of key phrases. Subtle differences in phrases that foreign users type into search engines for a specific service are the key to competitive advantage. Of course, it is also necessary to adjust the currency and its exchange rate, so that potential buyers can easily understand the price. Once you complete that, optimization becomes a purely technical task.

Why is it advisable to hire a translation agency that will perform web optimization services for you in a foreign language?

SEO optimization in foreign languages ​​allows you to choose in each language exactly those keywords that are used by your foreign clients when searching for information. For example, while the name of a product or service is universal, it is not easy enough to translate it into the target language. Different speech areas have several speech dialects, and customers often use synonyms for services. Which is the most common term for a particular geographic location will be best determined by the native speaker. He then makes suggestions, but this is just the beginning of the optimization process. Synonyms are integrated into similar or analogous phrases. These versions are checked against search volume depending on regions, states, counties, and counties. If you direct your business to a specific international area, your goal is to generate traffic by identifying and recognizing linguistic finesse. This will also come in handy when creating social media content in foreign languages. In addition, the detection of spoken phrases will make it easier for you to find trendy hashtags.

The keyword is essential because it allows you to better position yourself on online search engines. By hiring a translation agency , you significantly reduce the investment of time and effort required for a layman for the entire process that includes SEO optimization in foreign languages. Native speakers and certified interpreters will conduct market analysis, competition analysis, scan popular social networks, and create additional sentences for you that will include selected key phrases.

For example, if your keyword is ‘car rental’ and in Spain ‘car rental’, you need to tailor the keyword to consumers in another country.