Great opportunity and discount on translation services for high school students, graduates and students for study abroad and certified translation of documents for work abroad. Translation of registration certificates, personal documents, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and diplomas. We offer various translation services for students. Academic translations are the specialty of our professional translators.

In order to enroll in a foreign university, it is necessary to submit certified documentation in the official language of the country of the chosen faculty with the seal of a court interpreter. The seal of the court interpreter confirms that the certified document in a foreign language is an accurate translation of the original document, and contains the date of translation, information about the translator and contact information. In order to facilitate the administrative procedure in the most efficient way, we offer you a special offer 4+1 free. The offer refers to the translation of the graduation certificate, the translation of the final certificate of each high school class, the translation of birth certificates, but also all other documents required for enrollment at a foreign university.

We provide translation services to pupils, students and academic staff:

  • Reports
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Student information forms
  • Registration sheets
  • Certificate of tuition payment
  • Permits
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport
  • Academic transcripts
  • Certificate of language competence
  • Enrollment certificate
  • CV
  • Schedule and teaching contents
  • Diploma
  • Testimonies
  • Birth certificates and driver’s licenses
  • Seminars and academic papers
  • Covid tests

Contact us with confidence and enroll in the desired foreign university without any worries.

prevoditeljske usluge za studente,akademski prijevodi


With all the academic stress around the exam, do you still need a paper proofread or perhaps a translation of the paper into a foreign language? You don’t have to worry about that anymore because we’ll help you cross that item off your to-do list.

For all students, we offer a 10% discount for editing and proofreading services of all types of papers and translation of seminar, final and graduate theses. Use our translation services for students. All our academic translations are of the highest quality because they are translated by experts, native speakers.

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