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For businesses around the world, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly attractive. With over 1.3 billion residents from 56 ethnic subdivisions, communicating with Chinese organisations calls for expert understanding, local knowledge and real-world experience.

Which type of written Chinese is appropriate for your target market?

Chinese translation is not as simple as it may seem, as the language can take on many forms and dialects.

If for example your audience is in mainland China or Singapore, your translations will need to be in Simplified Chinese. However, if your audience is in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, Traditional Chinese should be applied.

It is very important that translated content employs the language customs and styles of the target audience. It is vital that your content is accurately localised by professional linguists, who are native speakers and possess a full understanding of the culture, tone and style of your target market.

According to research by the Common Sense Advisory, Traditional Chinese translations should be a strong consideration for businesses operating within the hi-tech industry, and Simplified Chinese should be applied for companies within the energy and manufacturing sectors.


It is a common misconception that you only require an English translation service if your source text is in another language, however, English translation services can often be useful for online businesses looking to expand into other English speaking markets.

Of course, the need for Professional English translation goes beyond e-commerce and online requirements, but the same logic can apply. But whether you are translating from a source language other than English, or localizing from one English speaking market to another, what makes English speaking countries so attractive to businesses?

Australia, UK and US are the three countries where English is the de facto language, but there are 16 other countries where English is the official primary language.

It may seem an obvious requirement to have native linguists, but with some translation companies this isn’t the case. We know you need to trust whoever handles your French Translation. At Inovatus Translations we pride ourselves on delivering accurate French translations every time.

We only use native translators, so whether it’s a French to English or English to French translation, in Belgian French or Swiss French, we guarantee our translators will be living and breathing that language everyday.

Why Inovatus Translations?
Your French translation will only ever be carried out by translators who demonstrate experience in the subject matter of your original document.
A dedicated Project Manager, who is also an experienced linguist, will be assigned to your translation project.
We’ll supply you with your translated French document in exactly the same format in which you gave it to us. This means you’ll have an accurate French translation you can use immediately.
We are an ISO9001 registered company, and because we conform to the European Standard BS EN 15038, all our processes are closely monitored.


The Russian language is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, and the largest native language in Europe. Russian is spoken in Russia, and 30 other countries including Canada, Bulgaria and Germany also have significant Russian speaking populations. To ensure we deliver high quality translation, suitable for your target audience, we only use native translators.

There are many advantages to using our services:

  1. We stick to our promises.
  2. We’ll supply your translated Russian document back to you in exactly the same format you gave it to us in. This means you’ll have an accurate Russian translation you can use straight away.
  3. We’re honest and open with our customers.
  4. We don’t cut corners; every project gets our total attention.

So, whether you have one or one hundred translations done, you will always receive consistent top quality translation.

  1. Only professional translators whose native language is English, and speak fluent Russian, perform our Russian to English translation. No matter what the target language is, the translator will only translate materials they have prior proven experience with.

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Thanks to technology, the process of translation has improved immensely. However, the essence of translation remains unchanged–individuals rewriting text from one language into another.

A team of skilled linguists to translate the written word from one language to another. (i.e., translation, editing and proofreading.

A Project Manager to supervise the linguists and administer projects from start to finish.

And a Managing Director to serve as the single point of contact for the client.

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