Project Description

Translation in the software and IT industry has expanded enormously in the past decade. In fact, the global nature of the digital sphere means that it has become one of the most in-demand industries for translation and localisation services. Perhaps appropriately, it is also one of the most difficult methods of translation.

A flawlessly translated and localised software product should feel as if it was originally written and designed for the target market. A number of details, therefore, need to be taken into account, such as measuring units, time and date formats and any other cultural sensitivities and requirements.

For linguists, translating and localising software presents another challenge beyond the words. Differing sentence structures between languages means that strings and variables may also need to be adapted. Developers, meanwhile, may need to revise their user interface and graphics on display. The piece software, therefore, will need to trialled during the process.

At Inovatus services, we provide advice on how to effectively localise products for specific target audiences (click here to see our localisation service page for more information), ensuring that your products really speaks to its new intended market.