Project Description

Medical translation is a service which can literally save lives. Research by the medical journal “Pediatrics”, which analysed the audio transcripts of 13 visits of Spanish-speaking patients to an American pediatrics clinic, found that official interpreters made 231 errors. 53% of them were judged to have the potential to cause health problems.

At Inovatus Translations, the constant professionalism and diligence of our linguists is especially important, when dealing with medical translations or interpreting. A good translator can be the difference between life and death so we work with chartered healthcare professionals with several years’ experience in this specialist translation sector.

Professional medical translators

Our specialists possess both the language skills and subject matter knowledge needed to translate the most complex medical content. The highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of highly specialised texts makes our level of expertise invaluable.

A medical translator or interpreter will work closely with clients to ensure they’ve understood specific terminology in order to arrange an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery into your required languages.

Our translators are routinely engaged in the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical and marketing documentation, as well as software and training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, device and healthcare fields.

Language combinations such as French to English, German to English, Arabic to English and Spanish to English, to name but some, are regularly carried out by our medicinal linguists.