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Retail translation

Retailers, whether they specialise in fashion or food and beverage products, are all facing the same predicament: the size and demographic of the retail consumer base is changing. While the online shopping, known in some circles as e-commerce, continues to see an exponential rise in shoppers, traditional high street brands are also looking to set [...]

Transport translation

Transport links literally make the world more interconnected, moving people and goods from one location to another. At Today Translations, our translation services provide for the whole transportation spectrum: whatever the means and whatever the necessity is. Whether you're a new commercial train line producing marketing materials for a new target audience, or a logistics [...]

Digital tech translation

The digital technology is definitely changing the media landscape, improving the technical quality of production and diversifying distribution. But what about the contents? Are viewers and readers getting what they want in the languages they want? At Inovatus Translations, we believe that interactivity is much more than just a buzzword, and understand the role multilingual [...]

Telecoms translation

Thanks to advances in communication technologies, the number of telecommunication agencies expanding into emerging markets is steadily rising. Furthermore, the ever-increasing use of mobile devices provides telecom companies with new avenues of customising their products and engaging with audiences around the world. Companies, therefore, are continuously rolling out support services and marketing materials in a [...]

Education translation

Education is a tremendously important and sensitive sector to work in, as it involves shaping someone's knowledge and experience. The right approach, method, direction and environment are all elements that need to be taken into account for a positive impact. With all its ramifications, sectors and groups of audience (in terms of age, level of [...]

Art translation

Translating for the art industry requires some of the most flexible and creative thinking from our linguists. Descriptions will often be written in the same eloquent and vivid prose as the work of art itself. It is difficult to describe a painting or photograph. Word-for-word translations usually don't meet the standard, and original texts often [...]