If you are involved in science and have written interesting studies, you likely want to present your work for the broader scientific community to review. The most popular method for doing this is to publish them in one of the most prestigious worldwide scientific journals.

Getting your work published in a scientific journal is never easy, but it can be made even more difficult if English is not your first language. Whatever the case, Inovatus translations can support you.

Why should you translate a research paper

Most of the research papers that are subject to peer review have added to the body of knowledge by making a substantial discovery, and it is only logical that you want your contributions to be acknowledged by other experts in your field. Moreover, the global scientific community encourages international collaboration. Pressing issues are being investigated by many scholars simultaneously. If you want to partake in the advancement of the field, your article should be translated by professional translators so that foreign reviewers who do not speak your language may understand your findings. Accurate translation is crucial to avoid all misinterpretations.

Inovatus translations provide services for scientific translation and editing for academics who desire to publish in foreign journals with a high impact factor. Our expert native English editors can help you raise the quality of your papers. Services provide comprehensive publication support, including journal selection, pre-peer review, journal submission, etc.

Here’s an example of how we modify a scientific article:

  • Literary editing is the process of removing stylistic and logical errors that prevent something from being published in a journal;
  • To eliminate potential spelling or punctuation errors brought on by typos, proofreading is necessary;

Making the necessary modifications, as well as some light paraphrasing and phrase restructuring, without changing the original material, are all part of editing. As a result, you get an article that is entirely understandable and follows current spelling guidelines. As a consequence, your work will be completely ready to be submitted to an English-language publication.

How may professional translation services be helpful?

1. Identify your target audience’s language

Most likely your audiences are scholars and academics engaged in your field from all over the world.  It is impossible to single out a universal language, so research translation is usually focused on common languages dominant in the domain.

2. Commission a research expert translator who is actively involved in your field

Research translation is a type of specialized technical translation, so it is essential you identify an appropriate competent translator with exceptional language skills and proficiency in target research terminology. To do so, researchers often outsource this task to a specialized translation agency that assigns an accredited scholar with an extensive background in scientific translation to your project.

3. Supply the translation agency with concise translation instructions

To ensure the translation quality is supreme, you should provide a dedicated translator with as much information as possible detailing your contributions, objectives and conclusion. Your account will help improve the clarity, coherence and distinctness and enhance the overall comprehensibility of the research paper translation.

4. Supply the research paper translator with a transparent glossary

All terms that are not standard, common, or rooted in the corresponding scientific field should be explicitly stated. Provide your thesis translator with clear definitions of the terms to ensure the highest level of rigor. Typically, technical and scientific researchers develop an exhaustive glossary cataloging all specialized and distinguished terms.

5. Choose the esteemed translation agency specializing in scientific translations

Finally and most importantly, establish good communication with a reliable translator from a qualified translation agency with reliable, accurate, timely and exceptional service delivery.

 Inovatus translations Ltd. specializes in scientific research translations. Our wide network of esteemed researchers and translation experts from around the globe ensures the transparency, correctness and accuracy of your research article translation. We guarantee your content and implications will be flawlessly communicated to target audiences in their native languages. Our editors are actively engaged in scientific work and will gladly advise you on how to further improve your manuscript to best emphasize the paper’s originality and value.