“Can you send me that in writing?” How many times have you heard that? It’s sometimes the case that only text will do. It could be anything from a telephone call, a corporate video, legal proceeding to main stream media footage. So if you need any of these turning into text files – you need transcription services.

What is transcription?

A transcription service will convert speech into a written or electronic text document.

There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, we can help you to decide by discussing your requirements.

Our Transcription services

Most common requests are:

  • Basic Same Language Transcription. Consists of transcribing the source text only.
  • Standard Translated Transcription. Consists of translating and transcribing in one step, only
  • the target language will be transcribed.

Source and Target Transcription. Consists both of the above.