Language is one of the most significant cultural barriers in international business. In order to ensure comprehensive training of employees in foreign branches according to the highest quality standards, it is necessary to harmonize the existing contents for professional training. The translation of educational materials guarantees that your employees provide excellent customer service at any place and at any time. Professional translators enable you to localize the necessary documentation from additional educations, certifications, courses, retraining to training programs.

Literal independent translation of educational materials can have unwanted consequences for the company, especially when it comes to strictly technical manuals for managing sensitive equipment and machines. Due to the specific lexicon, it is advisable to engage a specialized translation agency that will take care of the localization of all informative multimedia content, including user manuals, informational and promotional materials, audio and video tutorials, courseware, presentations and technical specifications. Standardization of operational processes is essential for communicating existing best practices and strategies to teams around the world.

Find out more about the benefits of educational translations of professional training and courses below.

Why hire an external provider for the translation of educational materials?

Reduced education costs are one of the advantages of translating education and professional training materials. If you have foreign employees whose mother tongue is not Croatian, they might have problems understanding the material. In addition, the time of the education or course itself could be significantly extended. With translated materials, you will reduce the cost of doing business because employees will return to their usual work positions earlier.

Greater productivity is one of the basic goals of every company, therefore every employer should take into account how much discursive localization and outsourcing of translation services into foreign languages ​​contributes to saving time, faster and easier acquisition of material and, indirectly, more appropriate employee engagement. The specialized translators and court interpreters of the Inovatus team reduce the risk of ambiguity, ambiguity and the possibility that employees will misinterpret some of the material. As a result, employees will be more focused on the content of the education because they will not have to worry about translating and interpreting the material.

Better access to the foreign market. With expert and professional translation of all relevant multimedia content for employee education, you will show that you are ready to do business with other countries and that language is not an obstacle for you. Communication with foreign employees will be of higher quality and better.


What should be kept in mind for the translation of educational materials for employees?

Localization of educational content

Literal translation of educational materials can do more harm than good because this approach often loses the context and meaning of the content. When translating material, it is necessary to pay attention to contextual differences in languages. What may be acceptable in one language may be completely unacceptable in another. By localizing your content, you will ensure that it is relevant to foreign employees without losing the essence of the message you want to convey.

Generic content

When creating training materials, you want to create content that will be dynamic and interesting to employees, taking care not to make the content too specific. Too specific content makes translation and localization difficult. This is why it is recommended to avoid cultural humor. The task of a professional translator is to ensure that the content corresponds to a specific region or culture.


What types and formats of material are translated by the experts of Inovatus translation?

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Printed and digital materials
  • Audiovisual media (synchronization or subtitling possible)
  • Interactive materials
  • Learning portals

Who translates materials for employee education and training?

Our professional translators, proofreaders and court interpreters of the Inovatus team will take care of the high-quality translation of materials for employee education. We assign specialized interpreters to your project with extensive experience and knowledge of specific materials within your industry. The content must also be culturally adapted to fulfill its purpose. Our experts ensure that the content is maximally linguistically and culturally adapted to the native language of your employees. The project manager and the allocated translator who is a native speaker of the target language collaborate to create an industry and technical glossary  to deliver relevant and understandable content for each employee. This means that our translators will take into account all cultural, legal and other key factors to ensure that the educational materials can be fully understood.

By working with professional translators and localization experts like Inovatus translators, you ensure that your professional education and employee training is easier to understand and more suitable for a much wider audience. What you get from this is an increase in productivity, but also a reduction in additional potential business costs.

Regardless of whether it is the introduction of new employees into an existing business or retraining during the implementation of new technology within the company, the translation of educational materials will make you a more desirable employer who cares equally about the domestic and foreign workforce. Training employees in their native language enables them to better understand material, retain information more effectively and builds a more inclusive work environment.